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Finishing The School Year Strong, Is It Possible?

Think homeschool kids are the only ones excited for the end of the school year? Think again. By now, we homeschool moms are beaten up, tired, and are clawing our way to the finish line. Our last thought is finishing the school year strong. We are just happy to finish.

As much as I love learning new things and getting to witness when my kids “get it,” I am so ready for a nice long break.

Not having to worry about getting all of our work done or feeling guilty when we can’t.

  • No more “lost” books or sharpened pencils to find.
  • No more sassy attitudes or needing to explain why we have to complete the work.
  • No more negotiations. Seriously, yes you have to do the whole page.

With it finally warming up, I am ready to kick them outside to spend their energy and some much-needed space for everyone.

But we still have a couple weeks left. Ugh.

I want to be out soaking up the sun, breathing the fresh air instead of being the taskmaster and having to almost sit on kids to keep them in their chair ( I don’t, but things would take half as long if everyone would just stay in their chair).

If you too are looking longingly our your window, fantasizing about reading your own book, soaking up the sun, or heck, finally catching up on housework, here are 5 tips to help you make it through the slowest weeks of your life (well, probably second slowest, the last weeks before a baby is due are definitely the slowest).

5 Tips for finishing the school year strong

  1. Set the date on the calendar. Write it down. Circle it. Put a star on it. Make it a big deal. Seeing the date move closer and closer will allow you to keep your eyes on the prize, which of course is to finish without going crazy. Your kids may enjoy making a calendar to count down the days as well (bonus points, that counts as an art project, plus math, so your welcome).
  2. Plan a special event for the last day. It will give everyone something to look forward to. It will also help keep the kids motivated to finish their work strong knowing they are going to have something special to do.
  3. Plan some fun schoolwork days. Do homework at the park or do science at night and learn about stars now that it’s not freezing. Maybe do an art project you’ve been avoiding (wait, that’s just me right?). Figuring out ways to make schoolwork exciting will boost everyone’s spirits.
  4. Ask the kids if there is something the want to learn about before school is over. New subjects and topics could breathe life into these last couple weeks.
  5. Plan something fun for when school is over. Plan a trip or fun activity that you will be able to do once school is over.


Congratulations! Your school year is almost over (unless you go year round). Soon you can be reading books, playing at the park, and going swimming. Finishing the school year strong is a great way to start your summer break.

I’d love to know, What are you looking forward to most this summer?


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