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How To Create A Daily Homeschool Schedule

Homeschooling is a huge responsibility. Because homeschooling can be done anytime throughout the day though, it can sometimes take a backseat to other things that pop up during our days, such as appointments, or big life changes like moving. When that happens it can leave us frustrated trying to get everything done. Having a daily homeschool schedule though will help you make sure that school gets done and everything else does too. Even if you aren’t that into schedules having a routine that your family follows daily or almost daily will allow you to know that all your commitments are getting met without having to worry that you are going to drop the ball.

Daily schedules have never been my forte and I will be honest, when I was pregnant or nursing they were pretty nonexistent. If you are in a survival mode time of life, don’t see this as something you’re failing at. If all you can do right now is read to your kids and watch some documentaries, do you mama.

Since I deal with chronic illness, it’s easy for me to want to let things slide. Creating a daily homeschool schedule helps me keep both the kids and myself on task making sure we get done what we need to get done.

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Importance Of Keeping a Daily Homeschool Schedule

A daily schedule for your homeschool life is a framework to make sure everything gets done. While we all might have those days where we don’t do school so we can go to the park, or on a nature walk or on a field trip, a daily schedule helps your family to stay on track on normal school days.

Designing and keeping a daily schedule in your homeschool also allows your kids to start learning time management skills. When they have a schedule laid out for them they can then see what they need to accomplish throughout the day and by when so they participate in other activities or have free time.

It also allows them to start taking control of their learning and not have to ask you every day what’s happening. Decision fatigue can be super exhausting when you have many kids asking you throughout the day what they need to be doing. By giving them their own schedule, they learn personal responsibility while you don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again.

Putting Together A Daily Schedule Together That Works For Your Family

One of the things that took me so long to put a schedule in place was that I didn’t think it would work for us and truthfully it made me exhausted just to think about having to enforce it.

Here’s the thing:

No one schedule is going to be perfect for every family. Every family is in its own stage of life and has different things like Drs. appointments, meetings, and extracurricular activities. The point of a daily schedule is to make your life easier, not harder.

Design a schedule around your families commitments that work for you and allow you to get needed things done.

Start by figuring out a good time to do school almost every day. For us it’s morning. By the time the outdoors warms up, especially on a sunny day, my kids are ready to play outside. If it’s also a day off for kids in our neighborhood, I know by afternoon my kids won’t be coming back inside. For us getting it done right away in the morning is the best time and I know whatever happens the rest of the day at least we got something done.

It wasn’t always this way. If I had a nursing baby or was pregnant, it would be late morning/early afternoon before we got to school and that was ok. Just adjust to fit your life. Maybe you need to work during the day so schoolwork doesn’t happen until night. Maybe you have dr appointments a couple of mornings a week and need to do it in the afternoon.

Key Point: Figure out a time of day that you can set aside for your family to do school and then build from there.

Things to include in your daily schedule

  • Schooltime. Find a time that will work most days for school and clock off the hours you need to complete. Most of my kids only need between 2-3, and my high schooler needs about 4. If we start around 9, that means Monday Through Thursday is blocked off from 9-11/12 for school.
  • Chores. My kids have chores. When you have a large family, chores are essential to keeping the house moving and have a picked up appearance. Find a good time for chores that will work for your family every day. Even if they don’t have the same chores every day, finding a time that can happen every day will ensure those household tasks get done.
  • Appointments. If you have a regular doctor or any kind of appointment make sure to put them in. If you don’t have regular appointments it may be helpful to designate a couple of times a week that you want to do appointments and only schedule at those times. Example: You could make Monday afternoons and Friday mornings the time where you schedule different things that come up. Pick times that won’t interfere with when you plan to do school if it’s possible so it won’t feel like your whole schedule gets thrown off because of an appointment.
  • Extracurriculars. Church events, sports, co-ops and anything else your family participates in on a weekly basis. It’s likely that most of these things (except co-ops) will take place in the evenings. Putting these things in your schedule will allow you to see how busy you are. It will also allow your children to see what they have going on so they can start to take responsibility for getting their stuff done. If you tell them they can’t go to certain things if they don’t finish their school or chores they can see what they will miss out on the night if they don’t.

Schedule Template

A Daily Homeschool Schedule That Simplifies Life.

Making a daily schedule for your homeschool is one of the best things you can do to keep your sanity and make sure all the responsibilities that need to get done, get done. It allows you to make sure school is always getting done in the midst of real life. I.e. dr. appointments, church commitments,  and extracurriculars.

A daily schedule will also teach your kids time management and personal responsibility skills as they learn to follow the schedule and see what needs to happen throughout their day.

It’s so important not to stress about how your daily schedule looks and how it compares to others.

Every family is in different stages and have different commitments they need to keep. The best way to make sure you implement a daily schedule is to make sure you design it around your life and your families needs.

Grab these FREE Printable Templates so you can quickly create a daily schedule for your family without having to start from scratch!

daily homeschool schedule planner

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