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How To Create Peaceful Morning Routine For Your Homeschool

Does morning chaos make you cringe every morning and want to give up before the day begins? 

It did for me. I knew there were going to be battles. Some kids up and some kids sleeping. Some kids wanting to watch tv waiting for others and then some made that the tv got turned off. No one ready for homeschooling. 

Then, of course, you have to add in the making and cleaning up of breakfast and it’s lunchtime and you wonder where all those morning hours went?

It is so easy to get burnt out when this is what is waiting for you every morning. 

But it doesn’t have to be.

There is a way that you can get your day started on the right foot and have those peaceful mornings you thought you would have when you dreamed of homeschooling. 

It just takes a little planning and a morning routine.

Morning routines have saved our mornings (and day!) and eliminated the chaos that was there before. 

If you are ready for peaceful homeschool mornings, let’s talk about the best way to accomplish this with morning routines for homeschoolers.

Why Do You Need A Morning Routine For Your Homeschool?

So you may be wondering why you even need a morning routine for your homeschool. 

Morning routines are a great way for everyone to be on the same page and it’s how you start your day with intention.

We’ve all been there. Mom is tired. Well, mom is always tired. Maybe she was up with a baby all night, maybe she stayed up late cleaning, or starting (and finishing a book), maybe mom is homeschooling with a chronic illness, so mornings take a while to get started.

So mom, says sure the kids can watch tv while she gets going. Then, of course, she sees the laundry list of stuff that needs to get done ( and the laundry) so she thinks she will get a jump start on that while the kids are busy and they will just start school a little late today. 

Next thing you know it’s 4 o’clock, only math has been done, and the kids are probably outside.

I’ve found it’s awfully tough, but not impossible, to come back when days start like that. 

Implementing a morning routine allows you to start the day with intention, make sure the most important things get done.

Benefits Of A Homeschool Morning Routine

There are so many benefits for implementing a morning routine in your homeschool.

  1. Starts the day with intention. We talked about this a little bit already, but it truly makes a difference. By following a routine for yourself and your kids, you know the most important things will get done. You don’t have to worry about what everyone needs to be doing, because it’s all laid out in the routine. Instead of reacting to things, you are taking a proactive stance at what you want your day to look like. And let’s be honest, the day may fall apart later, but knowing the next day you will be able to start over and know how things will go is so helpful
  2. Takes away decision fatigue. Maybe it’s just my house, but I get asked the same questions by multiple kids multiple times a day. A morning routine means all the decisions are made. You can easily point to your routine (if you have it printed out, which is also super helpful) or just tell your kids this is what is happening now and you don’t even have to think about it. Yay for saving brain power!
  3. Makes everyone independent and responsible. When everyone knows what the morning routine is, it allows them to know what is expected of them without having to ask you or without you having to ask them (eventually). It means when they wake up in the morning they know exactly what is happening at the beginning of the day and what their part is, so they can take care of things without having to ask. It also means if mom is having a slow morning the kids can still get ready and start their homework without having to wait for mom. 

How to set up your Morning Routine for your homeschool

  1. List out all tasks that need to be done. The first thing you need to decide is what you want to include in your morning routine. Things like, making your bed, getting dressed, eating, cleaning up and starting homework. 
  2. Figure out what will be individual for each kid. All of our kids have a different morning chore that they do before they start homework. This allows us to make sure that household tasks are getting started as well as making sure we have a clean space to do our school work.
  3. Think through any disrupters. When you have kids, especially a lot of kids, you can expect things won’t go as planned. Try to think through common events that tend to disrupt your morning so you can be prepared with your routine. Things like Drs. appointments that you know will happen mean you can make a different routine for days like that. Other things to think about are homeschooling with sickness in the house and other things outside your control like weather or people stopping by/calling. 
  4. Write your routine. The great thing about making a morning routine is you can make it specific to your family. Maybe you want to start yours with a start time, or not, It can work either way. Since I have a wide range of sleepers, Our routine doesn’t start at a specific time, although I do have a time they need to be awake by. Everyone can follow the same routine or you can have different routines for different kids. A child who can do things for themselves will be different from the child who needs help. 

Now you have a routine, that has all the things you think are important to happen each and every day to get your homeschool day started right.

Implementation Tips

Routines are great tools to help you stay on track, and they are super fun to make, but it’s likely you will find there is a disconnect between the plan you make and how it actually works. 

Warning: That is normal.

If it doesn’t work the first day or even a week or two, don’t give up. It’s new to you and it’s new to the kids so you will have to give it time and be willing to adjust. Use these tips to help your routines run smoothly.

Set Expectations for your homeschool morning routines

If no one knows about your routine, you can’t expect them to follow it very well or at all. Sit your kids down and have a meeting with them discussing the routine you made and what your expectations are going forward so they know what they are supposed to do. 

This will be a good time for them to ask any questions they have and have time to process what their mornings are going to look like as well.

Make Your Morning Routine Accessible

Find a place where you can either print out the routine and hang it, or write it somewhere so everyone can see it.

This will be a reminder to everyone what they are supposed to be doing and also will help cut down on being asked every 2 minutes, “What am I supposed to do now?” (Unless of course your kids can’t read, in which case you may have to answer that question for a while). 

This will help your kids to be able to follow the routine independently, which is what we are after. 

Be flexible

You may get started with your routine and realize some parts aren’t working or they need to happen differently. Change it! A homeschool morning routine is supposed to bring peace to your morning not make you more frustrated. Be willing to change things around, or even ask your kids for their input. They may be more willing to go along with the routine if they help to make their own.

Start Slowly.

Although you would think that if you have a written routine hanging up on your wall everyone would just be able to follow from day one, it won’t happen. Kids are easily distracted and if this is new, it’s going to take some time.

They will go make their bed and then find a toy they have been looking for and start playing and 30 minutes later you will realize they never finished the routine.

And that’s ok.

Just remind them they will have time for that later when their tasks are accomplished. After a couple of weeks, the routine will start to become habits that build on each other and there will be less reminding.

Example Homeschool Morning Routines For Moms and Kids

Morning Routines For Homeschool Moms

As we moms get going in the morning we usually have a million things running through our brains of what we want to get done that day, or at least before homeschooling starts. If you didn’t sleep well or aren’t a morning person (raises hand) then mornings can be especially tough to get started right. Just like a morning routine benefits your kids to get them off to a productive start, homeschool moms should have a routine for themselves as well.

The tips above will help you to get started on a morning routine for yourself. Here are some considerations to add that could be helpful for you:

  • Housework: Getting a load of laundry started right away always helps to ensure that at least one load will get done throughout the day. Either have this part of your routine or someone else.
  • Glance over your daily schedule and meal plan to see what to expect of the day ahead. Now is a great time to throw dinner in the crockpot or get out something from the freezer that will need to thaw by dinner time. 
  • Exercise. Have you been trying to implement a workout routine and never seem to do it. Throw it into your morning routine. It’s a great time to do it while the kids are working on their own routines.

The Best Way For Peaceful Homeschool Mornings Is A Routine

Implementing a homeschool morning routine has been one of the best things we’ve done in our homeschool to make sure we get started on our tasks and that things get done.

It’s also been made our mornings more peaceful because there isn’t fighting about doing other things before homeschooling. The kids know exactly what they need to do each morning and that they start their daily homeschool schedule once their morning routine is done. 

It has also been a good way to stay organized without a set schedule because I’m not a scheduled person. The kids are able to independently start their days without us being concerned about the time. The morning routine simple starts when they get up.

A morning routine is a great way to get your homeschool started on the right foot, have peaceful mornings, and not have to remind everyone what they need to do every day.

What do you put in your homeschool morning routine? Let us know below!

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