The Best 17+ Lego Building Books That Use Bricks You Already Have

Legos are some of the best and worst toys.

Best because they are super creative and allow whoever is using them to be creative.

Worst….well have you ever stepped on one?

My kids love building and playing with legos. 

A lot of times though, they want inspiration for what to do with their legos. While most of the Legos they get come with their own instructions books, it’s also fun to create new things.

Enter: Lego Building Books.

Lego building or idea books are a great way to get way more use out of your Lego collection. These are books that show how to make creations using the bricks you already have.

Take a look at these books that are available and get started.

Best Lego Instruction Books

1. The Lego Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination

This is a really fun book to spark imagination. If your kids have a big pile of bricks and love to build their own creations, this will be the perfect book for them. If you have children that need step-by-step instructions, this may not be the best choice as it does not provide them.

2. Lego Star Wars Ideas Book

If you have a Start Wars fan, this is the book they will need for their bricks. They will get so many ideas on how to create their favorite characters and scenes from the movies.

3. The Lego Build-It Book, Vol. 1: Amazing Vehicles

Vehicles are probably one of the most popular things to make with bricks. This book will give you 10 different vehicles to make, and they give you step-by-step directions, meaning your kids will have their creations built in no time.

4. Build It! Volume 1: Make Super Cool

This is a great book that gives you a variety of different models to make. This book is part of a huge series that helps kids get the most use out of the bricks they already have at home.

5. Awesome Lego Creations

This is the absolute favorite Lego book in our house. There is a good variety of projects to build along with step-by-step instructions. This is the one my kids turn to over and over when they need some inspiration.

6. 365 Things To Do with Lego Bricks

If you don’t want to hear your kids say “I’ve already done that,” then this is the book for you. It has 365 different projects for your kids to make. Even if they make a couple a day, it will still take them a long time to get through the book. This would be a great one to keep kids busy on hot summer days.

7. Epic Lego Adventures

This would be the second favorite book in our house. Sarah as put together another great book with step-by-step instructions that my kids love. You won’t be disappointed with any of her books that you pick up!

8. Lego Holiday Ideas

Help your kids get into the festive mood with holiday and winter creations they can make with their bricks. They can make gifts, decorations, and more. A perfect way to spread holiday cheer. 😉

9. Bricks Cars and Trucks

What’s better than playing with cars? Playing with Lego cars of course! This Lego creation book has a great variety of vehicles they can make from tractors to bulldozers to race cars and more!

10. Brick Buildings

If your kids’ characters need a rest from all the driving they have been doing, Brick Buildings will give them a place to rest there head. This book will give them 40 creative ideas for buildings they can create.

11. The Lego Adventures Book, Vol. 1

The Lego Adventure Book is perfect for those kids who are always after their next adventure. They will find robots, trains, spaceships, and more that will keep them occupied for quite a while. Plus, with the other two books in the series, they will have more than enough stories to create with their bricks.

12. Genius Lego Inventions

Are you tired of me telling you how great Sarah’s books are yet? This is another great book to spark new creations with the bricks your kids already have. This book, however, focuses on STEM creations. Your kids will love building these models with movable parts!

13. The Lego Architecture Idea Book

Are your kids ready to take their building skills to the next level? This book will give them so many ideas on how to create bigger and better structures.

14. Lego Power Functions Idea Book

This is another great book for kids how want their Lego models to move. The step-by-step instruction will help them add movable mechanisms to their creations.

15. The Lego Neighborhood Book

This is another Lego book for the kid who is ready to go to the next level with their brick building. The Lego Neighborhood Book shows your kids how to create buildings with real-life details. They will also learn how to build out the interior of their buildings as well. They will be able to build their own little community!

16. How To Build Easy Creations With Lego Bricks

Do your kids learn best with videos? Even though this book as detailed step-by-step instructions, they also have the ability to see videos with more information via QR codes. Sometimes watching someone else build can be just as fun!

17. Lego Play Book

The Lego Play book is full of ideas on how your kids can play with the creations that they build. It will spark their imaginations, as they create and build with their bricks to develop story lines around them.

Lego Building Ideas

Building with legos is a great way to pass the time. These books provide many ways to transform the bricks you already have into something completely new. They also make great gifts for the lego-lover in your life.

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