Teaching Textbooks Review

One of the biggest hestiations one can have when starting to homeschool is how to teach math. Most probably still have some post truamatic stress from high schoool days when they ned to provide a geometric proof ( No ? just me then).

Thankfully, as homeschooling is becoming more nad more mainstream, plus it’s legal in all 50 states, publishers about with curriculum options for us to use even if math was not our greatest friend.

We have a pretty good rhythm with our math selections. We start off with Bob Jones workbooks for grades k-3, switch to Saxon for 4-prealgebra, and then we have settled on Teaching textbooks for Algebra and on.

Teaching textbooks has been an absolute lifesaver for upper-level math. Let’s take a look at what Teaching textbooks has to offer.

Teaching Textbooks Review

Teaching Textbooks is a math curriculum used for 3rd through pre-calculus. Teaching textbooks moved to a subscription-based company, so you pay a yearly fee to access the curriculum online.

You are still able to purchase discs, however, which is a good option if you don’t have highspeed internet or if it’s not reliable. I also like using the discs so that I can use it for multiple kids.

With the discs you can also get the physical textbook and answer key for the tests and assignments.

Installation is quite easy with the discs. You pop in the disk and will be prompted to set up parent and child accounts, each with their own passwords. You also will put in an activation code that comes on the back of the disc set.

For lesson, students watch the video lesson and then work through the assignments. The assignments are self-graded, which is amazing for not having to worry about correcting work.

As the parent, you can log in to check the assignments, delete incorrect problems or delete whole lessons, which is again really nice. It allows you to see how well the students are learning the material. If I see scores start to go down it usually means a concept wasn’t mastered and you can pinpoint where problems started happening.

What I Love.

I will be honest. I fell in love with Teaching Textbooks from the moment we started using it. It allows students to be responsible for their work and independent at the same time.

It doesn’t not involved lesson prep for me which is a huge time saver. If my student has a questions of need to go over a lesson again, it’s relaly easy for me to sit and watch the lesson with them and help explain it if they need help understanding.

What I don’t love.

First of all, we will jsut get pirce out of the way. It is an expenseive curriculum. new sets start upwards of $150+ and that can be hard to shell out when you have curriculum for other kids to buy. That may be part of the reason in switching to the subscription model you only pay $60/year.  Another way to buy it cheaper is ebay. The last couple years I’ve gotten our sets used online and have been very happy with them since I much prefer to have the physical discs and textbook in our house.

Even though most of the work is done for me, I do need to be dilegent in making sure that assignements are completed and that the student is learning. It can be easy to not check the assignements for a while and then be surprised when the scores aren’t as high as they should be. We have a set percentage in our house that assignements must reach or they need to be redone, so while I love how independent it is, it doesn’t mean my job is over.


I have seen in different facebook groups and on different blogs people saying that their kids scored lower on standardized test in math after using teaching textbooks. Since we have not taken any tests yet, I have no idea one way or the other if that’s true. From our experience it as been a great tool and I have used it to brush up on concepts that need better explanations without any trouble.

Is Teaching Textbooks A Good Option For You?

Teaching Textbooks is a great math curriculum for independant learners. It easily installs on your computer, it teaches and grades, and delivers a great user experience.

Buying the discs allow you to use it for multiple kids.

If teaching math seems daunting, Teaching Textbooks might be a great option for your family.

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